Gold and Silver

We’d lost hope in the potential of these jewellery materials a few years back. The gold market hit a fatal low back in 2015, and silver investors were quite disappointed with 2017’s yields.

It wasn’t looking good. So many people stopped looking. And then suddenly, as if out of nowhere…

…Bull Market. A shiny, gold and silver bull market.

Yes, we are in the midst of a mining boom. Our gold mines have seen massive turnovers in recent years. And we’ve had record-breaking amounts of silver harvested from Silver Lake this year. And we’re talking high-grade yields here.

And yet…

Time is of the essence

It sounds impossible. But soon gold will be in such short supply that only central banks, giant hedge funds and billionaires will be able to get their hands on any.

Both the mint and your local dealer will be sold out. That physical scarcity will make the price super-spike even more extreme than in 1980.

First and second place in the Olympics could be nickel and cobalt.

The time to buy gold is now, before the price spikes and supplies dry up.

And don’t lose sight of silver, either. It has many industrial applications. It’s also a true commodity and a form of money, like gold.

The price of silver may rise or fall based on industrial utilisation and the business cycle, independent of monetary factors such as inflation, deflation and interest rates. But it’s still a form of money, and always has been. So it’s definitely worth getting your hands on some.

Or at least, it’s worth letting your hands follow the trend in supply and demand, waiting for the perfect moment to release your grip and walk away with full pockets.

Future of gold and silver?

As savers and investors lose confidence in bank-issued money, they will likely turn to physical money. Enter gold and silver.

You may hear silver called ‘the once and future money’. This is because its role as money in the future is simply a return to its historical role.

You should consider owning both gold and silver. And a great way to get your hands on physical gold and silver is through bullion coins and bars. These commodities are a great investment, especially in times of political turmoil and uncertain economic conditions — like the ones we have seen arise from US President Donald Trump’s trade war with China.

Gold and silver are the perfect investment for investors who are aware of the ever changing political environment and want to have a store of wealth. To keep an eye on this ever-changing stock, check out this Money Morning page regularly.

We’ll give you the latest on these glamorous metals.

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