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    We’re All Statists Now – Rebranding the Capitalist System

    However, Karl Marx’s Das Kapital — written in 1867 — provided a strong critique of the capitalist system. The real idea was to rebrand capitalism into something more palatable for the voters of the times...

    New War of Independence — Central Banks and the Concept of Money

    Central bankers like the RBA need the current money system to keep going, otherwise they lose all power. There’s no question in my mind, that they’re the ones destroying the concept of money...

    Australia Day Is Fake News

    You know what Australia Day really is? It’s the country’s first example of fake news. And we’ve all bought into it. Today, the war on fake news begins.

    Coca-Cola Switching from Cocaine to Cannabis?

    The move away from cannabis prohibition is taking a lot longer than it should. But looking at the booming markets in the US and Canada, we are slowly but surely moving in the right direction.

    The Real Story behind the Founding of Canberra

    Barton and the politicians of the day knew what they were doing. Collect the land rent and land ceases to have a price altogether. There is no land price to speculate in — and the rent from the land could be used to build the city.

    Why Bankers Are the Greatest Thieves in History

    Last week, Assistant Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia made a speech about money and credit. Sounds boring, right? Well, that’s what the bankers would like you to believe...