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Is Warren Buffett a Market Barometer?

For Warren Buffett, selling is usually something he doesn’t think about. The longer he stays invested will add exponentially to his total gain. It’s a very simple yet powerful idea. So anytime Buffett sells something, it makes headlines.

Where Do All the LNG Dollars Go?

The massive investment into liquid natural gas (LNG) over the past decade has resulted in the development of a new export industry. It may finally start to pay off over the next few years.

Want to be a Better Investor? Start Watching Paint Dry

If investing is stressful and exciting, you’re probably doing it wrong. The act of investing should be boring. Once you’ve found a stock with a promising future, all you have to do is buy and hold it.

These Five Steps Could Potentially Make You Millions

People often believe that successful trading is all about secrets. But do you know what? There is no Holy Grail. It's about the same winning tactics that have been in use for decades.