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We believe in empowering the individual investor at Money Morning. Unlike most of the financial industry, we don’t want to manage your money for a commission. Instead, we prefer to show you our best ideas, and let you make the investment choices yourself. The how-to investment guides you’ll find on this page are intended to help prepare you to do exactly that.

These educational guides will cover everything how to invest in shares locally and internationally, what ‘blue chips’ are and why you should consider owning them, to the basics of cryptocurrencies, these guides aim to give you a solid foundation in the basics you’ll need to get started as an educated, independent investor.

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How Does Bitcoin Work?

If you’ve heard about bitcoin, chances are that you’ve also heard of a ‘blockchain’. It was probably heralded as ‘the next internet’, or ‘the biggest revolution since the combustion engine’. Both of those comparisons are valid.

What Are Blue Chip Shares?

Blue chip classified companies are often household names. Their size and dominant positions give them a reliability that small-cap and mid-cap stocks do not have (small-cap and mid-cap refer to the size of a company’s value on the share market, or capitalisation; large companies like blue chips are often also called ‘large-cap’).

An Introduction to Tech Stocks

Tech investing comes with high risk, along with its high potential returns. Getting in early with the next big thing could mean life-changing investment returns. But if you guess wrong, and your speculative tech investment isn’t everything it promises to be, your investment can quickly turn to nothing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Stock Market Investing

The outcome is never certain when investing. There is absolutely no promise of a win, no matter how successful the company you’re investing in is. This is part and parcel of why investing can be so lucrative — because the risk is so substantial.

How to Boost Your Income Using Dividends

Hi, I’m Matt Hibbard. I’m the income investing specialist for Money Morning. Before I joined the Money Morning team, I spent the previous 20 years in a number of roles. I traded on the Sydney Futures Exchange, I spent time working as a private trader, and I also worked for a UK derivatives firm in Melbourne.

How to Invest in Gold

So you’ve decided it’s time to invest in gold. Good thinking. But now you’re wondering, ‘What gold product should I buy?’ In Australia, we have many options available when it comes to buying physical gold or investing in an exchange traded fund (ETF) that tracks the gold price.

Join the 'Secret Payroll' with a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP)

Australian shares offer among the best dividend yields in the world. Investors, both locally and abroad, have been chasing yield aggressively ever since global economies started to scratch and claw their way out of the GFC in 2009. With asset prices smashed, yields were the only game in town as investors hunted the globe for an income.

What is Blockchain?

People write to me regularly and suggest that they can’t wrap their head around blockchain technology. The problem with most explanations is they provide more detail than most people want or need.

Your Complete Guide to Trading Options on the ASX

Options quite often get put in the ‘too hard’ basket for many investors. To begin with, there is a lot of jargon that gets thrown around. Some of the option strategies sound more like exotic species than anything to do with the markets. There are iron condors, butterflies, straddles, collars and strangles. In fact, there are dozens of other strategies that might put you off before you’ve even started!

Your Five Step Beginner’s Guide to Technical Analysis

In this five part video series Money Morning’s Shae Smith guides you through everything you need to know about technical analysis — so you can start using it as part of your investment toolkit today

How to Start an Investment Portfolio

Starting an investment portfolio isn’t easy. There are a few steps to follow, and you’ll be on your way. Here’s what you need to do:

How to Invest in Lithium Stocks

Small-cap specialist Sam Volkering teaches you how to buy Lithium Stocks. In this guide you will find the most profitable way to invest in lithium.

How to Invest in Tech Stocks

When it comes to tech stocks, we’re talking about companies that make and sell tech hardware, software or even services. Corporations that are in the business of technology. These are companies that are often on the cutting edge.

Ethereum vs Bitcoin: What's the Difference?

Ethereum vs Bitcoin... Cryptocurrency was born in 2009, but 2017 was the year the masses suddenly took it seriously. It was a breakout year. The latter half of 2017 saw a huge boom in cryptocurrency prices. The whole space went nuts.

The Investors Guide to Investing and Profiting From Australian Small-Cap Stocks

What are small caps? Learn all about investing in small-cap stocks and how you can profit from them too. Know what to look for and how to avoid the pitfalls. Plus discover the top three Australian small-cap stocks of 2016.

How to Find the Best Dividend Stocks in Australia

The best dividend stocks in the market are not always the most obvious. Learn how to apply these 5 golden rules when making any dividend investing decision to maximise your gains and lock in your profits. Plus, discover the top 5 dividend stocks in Australia for 2016.

How to Buy Gold and Silver

Discover the range of options that are out there to buy, sell and invest in gold and silver. Plus learn how you can profit from buying gold and silver in the future.

How to Buy and Sell Shares

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked goes something like this: “I’m a newcomer to this shares lark, how do you buy shares?” Well, let’s answer that question here.

How Do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurreny expert Sam Volkering explains the steps to take when buying crytocurrency like Bitcoin for the first time, setting you up for success.

Where Do I Buy Cryptocurrency?

By now you’ve probably heard, read or seen a lot about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Have you been wondering where to buy cryptocurrency? Read on to find out what to look out for when buying cryptocurrency, our six favourite cryptocurrency exchanges and more...