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The Powerful New Megatrend Set to Ignite Nickel and Copper Prices in 2022

In August 2020, two of our editors were among the first to call it: ‘a new commodities super cycle’ would start in 2021. Their prediction was correct…and in the last 12 months, copper and nickel have hit record highs.

But is this just the very beginning?

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The Truth Behind Surging Commodity Prices

ASX stocks to watch in 2022

Massive price spikes have happened in 1974, 1990, 2008…our editors predicted another in 2021. They were right! But plenty suggests this is just a taste of what’s to come…we’ll show you data that reveals commodities could be hugely under-priced right now — and what to look out for next.

The Juggernaut of Demand Coming for Copper

Post-pandemic, the US government has unleashed a tsunami of spending to recover its economy. You’ll discover why copper has been crowned the ‘big beneficiary’ of the new low-carbon economy…and how a rocketing demand for copper worldwide could soon benefit a selection of small copper mining stocks.

The Hidden Catalyst Driving Commodities

Find out why this powerful yet globally lamented trend could fuel yet another imminent explosion in the demand for copper and nickel. Hint: it’s NOT related to climate change or the rise of electric vehicles (though, we’ll also cover how these factors, too, could potentially supercharge commodity prices in the next 12 months…).

Why Hitting the ‘Magic Threshold’ in 2023 Could Change Everything

Bloomberg have projected that the world is going to hit a HUGE milestone next year in the space of lithium-ion batteries. If this is correct, an explosion in demand for copper and nickel will be almost inevitable. For investors, this could be the biggest moment of all. Learn how this ‘magic threshold’ is measured, why it’s important, and where to invest for the chance at getting the best results…


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