Port Phillip Publishing - Investment Services AustraliaFat Tail Investment Research publishes detailed research on exciting — and potentially lucrative — investment ideas not covered by the mainstream media. Our team of hand-picked experts provide valuable and unique perspectives that range from ‘big picture’ geopolitics on the financial market to potentially explosive small-cap companies on the ASX.

Whether you’re a long-term investor looking to grow your retirement fund, or a short-term trader wanting to take a well-researched punt and clock up massive gains, we have something for you in our Australian investment services.

To get started, subscribe to our free daily financial newsletters Money Morning and The Daily Reckoning. Or if you are ready to dive deeper, check out some of our paid subscriptions and investment services: Exponential Stock Investor, Australian Small-Cap Investigator and New Energy Investor.

Fat Tail Investment Research Independent Products

Exponential Stock Investor

Exponential Stock Investor helps you to potentially capitalise on big investment trends and stories before they break into mainstream news. If you enjoy the thrill of jumping on high-risk, speculative plays that could see immense run-ups in stock prices based on growing trends, this newsletter will be perfect for you...

Australian Small Cap Investigator - Small Cap Stocks & Market Insights

Australian Small-Cap Investigator is a monthly advisory designed to help you profit from some of the fastest moving stocks on the ASX. If you are bored of blue chips, worried about a sideways market, and looking to add a little more excitement and risk in your portfolio, look no further...

New Energy Investor - Clean Energy Market Research

New Energy Investor will introduce you to some of the most promising clean energy stocks — long before many Australian investors get to hear about them. If you're looking to grab an early — and potentially lucrative — stake in the multitrillion-dollar energy switchover, this newsletter will be perfect for you...

Crypto Flip Trader - Cryptocurrency Investment & Research

Crypto Flip Trader will reveal to you a fascinating new cryptocurrency trading strategy, designed to help you exploit heavily-fluctuating prices across all digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Using his unique ‘flip trading’ method, Ryan will reveal how it is possible to produce much BIGGER gains compared to the typical crypto 'buy and holders'.

Pivot Trader Investment Research

Pivot Trader challenges the traditional dogma of 'buy and hold'. This method is designed to help investors like you make stock trading more predictable, for the chance to supercharge your investing efforts...

First-Mover Algo Alert - Investment Recommendations

First-Mover Algo Alert helps you take the chaos and confusion out of the financial markets. Through an underlying elegant formula, it makes stock trading disarmingly simple — generating the kind of returns that most regular investors would be proud of...

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