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Exponential Stock Investor helps you to potentially capitalise on big investment trends and stories before they break into mainstream news. If you enjoy the thrill of jumping on high-risk, speculative plays that could see immense run-ups in stock prices based on growing trends, this newsletter will be perfect for you.

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Exponential Stock Investor – Exponential Wealth Potential

Exponential Stock Investor is led by Ryan Dinse, a veteran of the investing industry for over two decades.

Some of his best picks include:

  • Advanced Micro Devices, Inc [NASDAQ:AMD] — up by a whopping 671% in just under three years
  • Simulation Plus, Inc [NASDAQ:SLP] — up by a massive 193% in under two years
  • BrainChip Holdings Ltd [ASX:BRN] — which has surged by 155% in under three years

Prior to joining the team at Fat Tail Investment Research, he was a successful financial advisor. Through this experience, he discovered that the mainstream investing industry has no interest in helping clients strive for greatness. He was encouraged to settle for average returns and not ‘rock the boat’.

This led him to embark on his mission — helping ordinary people make extraordinary wealth. Fast-forward to today, he specialises in identifying stocks well positioned to capitalise on exponential trends and shoot up in price.

Note: Investing in exponential stocks isn’t the same as investing in any old small-cap stock. Through research, solid facts, and an appreciation of the associated risks, Ryan uses his battle-tested qualifying criteria to filter out most of the small-cap stocks he encounters.

And while he can’t guarantee all his recommendations will result in massive gains, he is committed to ONLY recommending stocks that meet these criteria.

If you are ready to venture into the world of exponential gains, now is the time to act. Join over 17,800 Exponential Stock Investor subscribers today and receive Ryan’s latest recommendations.

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