First-Mover Algo Alert – Investment Recommendations

First-Mover Algo Alert helps you take the chaos and confusion out of the financial markets. Through an underlying elegant formula, it makes stock trading disarmingly simple — generating the kind of returns that most regular investors would be proud of.

First-Mover Algo Alert is a system designed by ‘financial engineer’ Peter Bakker, also known by his trading pseudonym ‘Chewbakker’.

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First Mover Algo Alert – Smart Investment Ideas

It’s a complex algorithm that measures the long-term health of the economy via the copper/gold ratio…along with the short-term price of risk via what market makers are paying for their hedge positions.

This may sound complex — and the system design is indeed the result of many years of gained knowledge by Chewie, its creator. But the action to take for the investor following this system could be understood by a 10-year-old.

To date, we’ve back-tested this system across several big datasets. And while back-testing can never guarantee future performance, the results were impressive:

  • In a five-year theoretical test in the Australian stock market, it outperformed the ASX 200 by 72 times
  • In a 13-year back-test in the US — which included both the GFC and the pandemic crash — it generated a 900% return
  • It DID have drawdowns, of course, but it generated 18% average annual returns and didn’t have a single losing year
  • The most aggressive variant of it generated a 38-fold return (3,827%) over 13 years

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