Pivot Trader Investment Research

Pivot Trader challenges the traditional dogma of ‘buy and hold’. This method is designed to help investors like you make stock trading more predictable, for the chance to supercharge your investing efforts…

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Pivot Trader Investment Ideas

Over the last 20 years, trading expert Murray Dawes has designed custom trading systems and strategies responsible for helping a handful of ultra-wealthy clients (including one of Australia’s richest families) make a LOT of money from markets.

For the most part, it was only Murray’s private clients who had access to this powerful stock trading ‘engine’.

But after many years working behind the scenes, he’s decided to go public.

The Pivot Trader method reveals the hidden ‘magnetic force’ that drives price action in stocks. How? It focuses on chart analysis to locate specific and recurring patterns that signal a potential fast-paced price spike (and possible profit opportunity) is imminent.

Once a price target is hit, the strategy then takes a third of the profit made and adjusts the stop-loss on the remainder of the position to a level that ensures your initial capital is safe.

Then you can relax and enjoy the ride.

Alternatively, Murray’s risk management strategy is designed to minimise the downside, should any of his tips not work out.

If you are looking for a breakthrough method that could help you trade stocks with a greater deal of confidence, while also minimising downside risk, check out this financial newsletter.

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