resources boom
The Resources Boom Happening Under Your Nose
resources boomWhether you are making money in booming property or booming crypto, there’s no great lure to get back into speculative miners. But maybe that’s a signal to start looking here? While everyone’s looking at the current hot sectors, the best opportunities usually lie the other way.
Do You Really Want to Be Warren Buffett?
warren buffettThe market is an emotional beast of a thing. What’s the secret behind the success of everyone’s favourite investor, Warren Buffett? I would say his extreme rationality. Buffett has a unique ability to stay rational in highly emotional situations.
A New Dot Com Bubble?
dot com bubbleLike the dot com boom, all sorts of innovative cryptocurrencies have sprung up, or are about to. Those that smugly declare cryptocurrencies will end up in a new dot com crash miss the point. But there are certainly lessons you can glean from the dot com era.
The Perfect Cryptocurrency Portfolio
cryptocurrency portfolioI think cryptocurrencies themselves are only the beginning. The tip of the investing iceberg, so to speak. Not a side show, but also not the only game in town. In my opinion the perfect blockchain portfolio includes both good cryptocurrencies and good blockchain stocks.
An Investor’s Major Dilemma in Today’s Markets
investor's dilemmaYou may have heard of the ‘prisoner’s dilemma’. It’s a standard example in a branch of economics called game theory. Well nowadays, the classical models of economics taught in universities have proven to be poor models of reality. Which brings us to the investor’s dilemma today.