How to Invest
How to Invest
invest for profit
Where to Invest Over the Next Decade
invest for profitThinking about big trends and who will benefit from them is crucial to making long term investment decisions. The key question right now for investors is what about the next 10 years? To my mind, I believe a resurgence in Australia’s resources sector as well as opportunities in agriculture, education and tourism.
Big Data Is the New Battleground
big data technologyWe have entered the new era of big data. A massive increase in the volume and speed of information that is stored, recorded, processed and analysed. There are three types of companies that you should investigate in order to potentially make money through data-led investments.
When to Buy Telstra
When to Buy TelstraIn Telstra’s case, we know that the rollout of the NBN damages profits margins across the board. This makes Telstra’s impressive mobile phone margins even more attractive to competitors.