Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy
algorithmic trading is a successful method to making big profits
Why Algorithmic Trading Really Works
algorithmic trading is a successful method to making big profitsThere was no doubt in my mind: Algorithmic trading was a gold pass to make a lot of money. My transition to fully-fledged system trader would take time. I had a lot to learn about markets before I could start designing my own trading systems. But I can say this: I’m the trader I am today due to algorithms — they’re by far the greatest find of my career.
The Biggest Mistake Most Investors Make (and How to Avoid It)
investment strategy for selling stocksToday, we’re going to look at something a little different. We’re going to look at when you should sell your small-caps stocks. It’s not always an easy decision to make. But it’s an important part of investing. If done wrong, it could significantly reduce your returns. But if done right, you could lock in profits and minimise your risk at the same time.
What to Watch to Confirm a Bear Market
Bear marketWe’ve been preparing for life in a bear market for some time. By this I mean giving ourselves every chance of making some money while also recognising the downside risks of a market potentially transitioning from bull to bear. How is this transition looking now?
How Small Bets Could Turn into a Fortune
Small cap investingSmall-caps are an amazing opportunity. They have far more volatility, but that’s the point. Not all small-caps are worthy investments. Some could be amazing. Others you’d be completely crazy to buy. Today we’re going to look at how to approach small-cap investing. Specifically, we’re going to look at how to limit our losses.
How Australia Could Benefit from a Trade War
Fingers walking up on stacks of coins, trade warAs previously stated, China is Australia’s largest trade partner. And the US is Australia’s third largest (with Japan coming in second). The US is Australia’s biggest foreign investor. China comes in seventh spot. So Australia could potentially have trade wins from both nations, if tensions increase between the two.
This Practice Can Have Real Benefits
GWA share price rise, stocksHow often do you take stock? It could be with your career, share portfolio or life in general. New Year’s Day is a popular choice for reflection. Many people use this as a time to look back at the year that was. It’s a chance to consider what went well, or not so well.
Trying to Be Brilliant? Just be Rational
investing rationallyI’m not just describing the technical or momentum trader here. Value investors also fall into this camp. Instead of buying stock they believe to be cheap. They buy stocks they believe the market will believe are cheap. For most, this kind of strategy turns out exactly how you’d think. It wastes a whole lot of time and money.