Investment Strategy
Investment Strategy
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Why So Many Economists Are Poor
US interest ratesIt might not be the most interesting subject in the world. But interest rates are one of the most important variables for any investment. To you or me, interest rates (not the cash rate) are the fees to borrow money. It’s also the return for saving it.
How to Spot a Huge Growth Opportunity
Looking for best investment opportunitiesAn even better way to watch your portfolio soar (in my opinion) is to get exposure to emerging markets like China, India and Southeast Asia. Businesses around the world see these regions as a no brainers to grow sales. A changing labour force and billions of consumers growing wealth, what more could you ask for?
When Will the Shorts on Tesla Pay Off?
Tesla the future of EV market?Why venture into China at all? Why not just hold off until this whole trade spat goes away? It’s because China is far too important in Tesla’s grant plan. Tesla doesn’t just want to sell electric vehicles in China. They want to build them in the Middle Kingdom too.