trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, markets
Markets and Morality
trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsCan President Trump flout the law with the flourish of a Twitter finger? Legally, the President shouldn’t be able to do a thing. Who knows though, he appears to do whatever he wants, with little regard for the consequences. At least China’s President Xi is an out-and-out dictator.
How Two Punters Made US$16 Million
How Two Punters Made US MillionThe Aussie market is ever so close to creeping back above its high this year. In early February, you saw markets all over the world slip thanks to spiking bond yield. Since, we’ve seen escalating privacy concerns, a trade spat and central bankers change their sentiment. It’s all aided volatility.
Were You a Winner or a Loser in This Year’s Budget?
budgetOn Friday we saw Labor leader Bill Shorten’s response to the government’s tax cuts, with their own proposed tax cuts focused on low to middle income earners. Labor’s cuts would mean that those earning between $37,000 and $90,000, would receive double the tax cut proposed by the coalition government in this year’s federal budget.
Facebook Share Price Grows Amidst Data Sharing Drama
Facebook share priceAfter Facebook’s recent controversies with privacy and data harvesting and founder Mark Zuckerberg facing questioning by the US Congress, Facebook [NYSE:FB] has been in hardship. However, the huge social media platform has managed to come out the other end, as its shares have risen since the drama. Today its shares grew by 2.09%.
Will Tesla Be Bankrupt In 18 Months?
Tesla the future of EV market?Imagine that. A $51 billion household name bankrupt within a year and a half. It would be one of the biggest corporate failures in history if it did fail. It would also bring the cult-like following of Tesla owners to their knees. Many people continue to believe it’s impossible.
Where Are the Wonderful Businesses, Warren?
retail food group share price drop, businessesBuffett continues to bet on America. But his most recent purchases have nothing to do with railroads. Many believe, based on Buffett’s recent purchase, Apple is quickly heading for a trillion dollar market cap. However America isn’t the only place to find wonderful businesses. China has a group of their own — companies that take little cash and produce a whole lot of earnings.