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Why Blockchains Will Eat the World
blockchains spaceJust like the railways revolutionised the movement of people and goods, blockchain will revolutionise the movement of data. Until now, any transfer of value required a middle man. This one simple change — cutting out the middle man — opens up possibilities no one thought possible.
ASX Breakout!
ASX 200 bullish marketWhen capital flows into small stocks in such a convincing way, it tells you that something is going on. You shouldn’t ignore it. The next challenge for the ASX 200 is to breach 6,000 points.
How To Be a Better Investor
investor psychologyHumans behave irrationally in consistent ways. For example, when a stock goes up for fundamental reasons, it attracts the attention of more investors. You then imagine it will continue to go up and make you rich, so you buy based on hope, rather than rational analysis.
Bitcoin — Keep Your Eyes on the Highs
bitcoin market skyrocketingBitcoin is all the rage at the moment. No wonder…it’s trading around US$4,800, up a gazillion percent or so over the past five years. How do you put a price on the strength of the underlying technology? That’s the market’s job. As it tries to estimate the correct value, it will overshoot and undershoot intrinsic value.