Silver Lake share price
Should You Be Keeping an Eye on Emerging Markets?
share analysis, budgetRemember back in 2007 when stock markets peaked out in October? Oil, on the other hand, continued surging higher. It peaked in July 2008, when it was clear the US financial system was in all sorts of trouble. If the global economy is slowing down, look to equity markets for clues, not the oil price.
This Tech War Is Having No Effect on China
Technology in the handsTalks of a possible trade war continue. At first, the mere possibility of a trade war was shocking. Now as the weeks go by, investors have become used to the tit-for-tat comments between two economic superpowers. It’s not clear that a winner has emerged. It’s not even clear if America and China will follow through on many proposed taxes.
How You Could Grab a Slice of the US$12.8 Trillion Pie
bitcoin price JapanUnlike us Westerners who love credit cards, China didn’t get their first credit cards until 1985. A Goldman Sachs report shows that each Chinese person had 3.6 debit cards on average. But only a third had a credit card. And it’s the lack of credit card infrastructure which has allowed China to leapfrog us here in the West.
Watch the Greenback
US debt growing and the effects it will have on the economy, greenbackUS stocks didn’t do much overnight. The Dow fell a bit, while the S&P 500 increased a bit. It seems that investors are treading water, awaiting news from the Federal Reserve, which will conclude a two day meeting and reveal their decision on interest rates tomorrow, our time.