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Dear Reader,

‘The question of whether [interest rates] should be reduced further has to be on the table…’

That’s from Glenn Stevens, Governor of the Reserve Bank of Australia.

He dropped that little nugget while presenting to the American Australian Association last month in New York.

Two weeks later he cut interest rates by a further 0.25% to just 2%… the lowest watermark for Australian interest rates in 50 years.

Mortgage holders met the news with a cheer — they’ll save $60 per month on the average $400,000 home loan.

But if you’re relying on savings for income it’s a different story entirely…

That 0.25% cut means you’ve copped an unwelcomed 10% pay cut. It’s the second cut of its size since February this year.

Only three years ago $100,000 parked in a savings account would have paid you $5,000 in interest.

Now, you’ll be lucky to collect $2,000 on the same amount of money.

So, how do you escape the clutches of the interest rate income trap?

That’s where our resident income expert Matt Hibbard comes in…

In this brand new Money Morning report titled ‘The Five Golden Rules to Successful Dividend Investing’, Matt reveals how you can instantly create multiple streams of stable, reliable income. How? By adding some of Australia’s most successful, dividend paying companies to your portfolio. Plus, he shares the five crucial rules you MUST follow to select the right type of dividend stock.

If you’re sick and tired of seeing your income evaporate on the whims of Glenn Stevens and the Reserve Bank then you need to download Matt’s new report — without hesitation — today.

Inside you’ll discover:

  • Why you should use the ‘Buffett’ approach to buying dividend stocks: Warren Buffett isn’t the richest investor on the back of sheer luck. The Oracle of Omaha KNOWS how to uncover stocks that pays ever–increasing income, year after year. You should follow his lead. On page 5 in his special report, Matt shares the stock picking secret that’s responsible for Buffett’s five decade reign as the world’s leading income investor.
  • The real reason why General Electric’s stock price grew 4,700% in 19 years: A good management team is like rocket fuel for stock prices and big, fat dividends. Under Jack Welch, GE’s stock price grew 5,096% — including dividends! Learn Matt’s secrets for spotting good management and how to uncover duds.
  • How to avoid the ‘yield trap’: A 10% dividend seems pretty appealing, right? Well, don’t get too excited. As you’ll soon see, a stock with an unusually high dividend yield could be bad news. Matt reveals a quick and easy two–step process to avoid these dangerous ‘yield trap’ stocks.

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Quite simply you are always worth a read and I enjoy your writing style even though I might not agree with all of it.

Your commentary is usually thought provoking which I think is often helpful when trying to determine what is actually going on in the world.

DavidMoney Morning Reader

I have been a PPP Alliance member for about 2.5 years so I receive every email that you send out and read them carefully.

I love them all and have learned so much about investing safely.

Money Morning is always an important part of my daily reading and you are doing an excellent job.

Please keep up the good work.

JohnMoney Morning Reader

I see Money Morning as a sharing of an opinion or a thought that is not mainstream.

It is a view that I may agree or not agree with; but a view that is thought out , well constructed and challenges my thinking and opinions.

I read Money Morning to balance what is published in mainstream media, so when I am in a lively debate / conversation about what is happening in the world I can bring an opinion to the table that is different, challenging, well thought out & reasoned.

SamMoney Morning Reader

I look forward to receiving Money Morning knowing the content will be informative, usually entertaining, often controversial.

DuncanMoney Morning Reader

As a financial planner I read Money Morning every day – why?
I like the the “thinking”.

As you would appreciate I read a lot of “stuff” every day. Economic commentary, share market “tips” and lots of other rubbish.

I want information that my clients want.

Yes it is my job to decipher all this information into something that my clients can understand (often difficult when I struggle to understand it myself!), but Money Morning makes that easier with plain English, straightforward analysis of “real” issues.

AndrewMoney Morning Reader
Money Morning Australia