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S&P 500 Respects the Sell Zone

By understanding how waves develop and where they often see reversals, you can start to build a trading strategy that aims to capitalise on this process. As I have described for you many times, the best approach I have found is to work your way into a cheap straddle by buying out of the money puts (if you are expecting a correction) with a strike price at the expected targets.

No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

‘Everyone else was doing it at the time. I thought it was a good idea too.’ The phrase has turned into exactly that: an excuse for a herd mentality. The latest followers are the UK government. They’ve seen Trump’s tariffs.

Crunch Time

As the market becomes more bullish and excitement increases about a resolution of the US-China trade biff, the overbought technical situation into the sell zone of a quarterly sell pivot is a very compelling set up that only comes along once every three to five years.

Can the Fed Rally Continue?

After the US Fed made a sharp about-face last week in response to the market volatility at the end of last year, we find ourselves in a situation where the technical picture is still very bearish but there has been a potentially large shift in the fundamental situation.
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