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This Is How the Next 50-Year Tech Boom Starts

Throw the words quantum computing out there to the masses and you get a mixture of responses. Some people have no idea what it’s about. Some have heard it mentioned in the news. And occasionally you get someone as excited as us about what it really means for the world.

What is Facebook’s Libra?

People only see what they want to… US officials are looking at Facebook’s cryptocurrency, Libra, and can only see one thing. Danger! What about the consumers...

Blink and You’ll Miss the ‘New Money’

Along with stocks, the growth of other asset classes has been aided by our digitally connected world.The growth of cryptocurrencies, for example, has hit ‘absolutely ridiculous’ on the scale. We’re all growth gluttons at the end of the day. We see growing sales and a potentially huge market, and we’re more than happy to take a swing...

Are You Ready for What Comes Monday?

We want to bring you more of the big ideas the mainstreams aren’t. More of the insight that actually leads to huge opportunities. The left of field ideas that hardly anyone has caught onto yet. Throughout June, I’ve been dropping hints of the changes going forward.

Could Australia Replace China as the Rare Earth Supplier?

Rare earths…the stuff that’s everywhere, but only found in very small concentrations. Problem is China controls the stuff. They produce about 80% of all rare earths and control 90% of the processing. And Trump is pissing them off real good. But if the Chinese rouges are not up for it, then what about Australian and US producers?
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