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The Way We Pay Is Changing in 2022

While cash is trending down, electronic payments are trending up. Debit payments, especially, are the preferred option to credit.

Syrah Resources Raises Funds to Expand Vidalia (ASX:SYR)

Syrah Resources [ASX:LPI] has completed a $192 million capital raise to expand their Vidalia project. Syrah aims to become the first major integrated producer of natural graphite anode material that is battery ready outside of China.

It’s Not Just Lithium That’s Heading for a Crunch

As EVs continue to roll out, we are already seeing a lot of car and battery makers scrambling to secure their supply not only of lithium but also graphite.

Politicians, Gangsters, and CEOs

Although, hopefully, they’re choosing CEOs and board members who are right for that stage of a company’s lifecycle.

ANZ Shares Dragged 2.5% Lower as Lending Market Tightens (ASX:ANZ)

The smallest of the Big Four banks, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group [ASX:ANZ], is having a rough patch today.

Big Tech Is Dead, Long Live Big Tech!

As the name suggests, an adoption curve is the process by which a new technology is taken up by the public at large.