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How to Pick Future Winners
investing strategy in the marketThe golden rule of wealth creation is to generate a higher return on equity and assets than it costs to fund those assets. Because these two companies generate high returns on equity and capital, they generate significant cash. It allows them to pay a dividend, invest in growth, and pay down debt quickly if they need to, or buy back shares.
When Will the Age of Lazy Wealth End?
wealth in australian propertyWhat’s a young person or couple to do, then? Buy into the most inflated asset of all time and hope interest rates stay low enough, long enough for a new generation to come along and keep the Ponzi scheme going? I think Australian society has to come together to start addressing this growing problem.
Emerging Value in the Retail Sector
retail stocksWhile it might be too early to jump in and thumb your nose at the Amazon effect. Keep an eye out for turning points like the above. That is, when you see buying on negative news. It means the news wasn’t as bad as expected. Often this is a turning point.
The War on Cash Just Went Nuclear
cashEconomics 101 will tell you if you’re creating more of something, then the price of it (the value in this case) will go down. That’s what’s happening with cash. And no one really knows the consequence of this on the global economic situation. But as long as the opportunities are out there, I remain bullish.