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Dow Jones decline
A Simple Way to Profit from the Correction
correction and profiting from the downturnWe could be at the start of a shift in investor sentiment. It’s a shift that now acknowledges P/Es are too high, given we’re in a rising nominal rate environment. So while rising rates won’t derail the economy, they will derail investor sentiment. Which means P/E contraction will be the driving force behind this correction. So how should you invest accordingly?
The Hedge Fund Saving You from Yourself
hedge fundHedge funds, collectively, are leaving investors worse off than if they had they bought a low cost index fund. It’s a terrible performance compared to many index alternatives. But of course, not all hedge funds take your money and deliver poor results. Some are actually worth the hefty fees they charge.
Bitcoin Bust?
bitcoin bust?Unfortunately, such quick and easy gains give many investors an unrealistic view of how markets work. This is what changes the psychology of markets and sees money pour into stocks, pushing them higher. This is exactly what happened in crypto markets at the end of last year. This is how bubbles form. Bubbles are a result of belief. Busts are a result of disbelief.
When Fear of Missing Out on Bitcoin Turns to Plain Fear
bitcoin price falling and crashingFirst came the curious. Then as the price rose, the speculators bought in. And in 2017, amidst incredible price rises, massive numbers of new investors bought on the fear of missing out. Those same late-comers have scrambled to get right back out again as the price crashed in January. Their fear of missing out has been transformed into plain old fear.
Where Were You During the Greatest Console War?
nintendo stockholders enjoying a renaissanceNintendo is in the midst of a renaissance. They’ve found their mojo again. They’ve tapped into the very essence of gaming — fun, family and future. Not only are they changing the video game world again, they may very well kick off another multi-decade long console war. This should come as exciting news for Nintendo stockholders.
A Most Unusual Boom
investment opportunities and market boomsThere’s a pecking order when it comes to investing. A hierarchy of opportunity. It’s a pyramid of power, carved out in the stone of regulation. The system is set up so that you aren’t allowed to invest in the early stages of the biggest opportunities. You have to be a sophisticated investor. That is a person rich enough to get a chance to make gains. Until now.
The Good and Bad From Facebook’s Crypto Advertising Ban
crypto advertising ban on facebook and googleGoogle and Facebook have decided to crack down on advertisements that have anything to do with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Facebook have banned them entirely. One minute you’re running an effective advertising campaign to help educate people about this world-changing opportunity. Then next minute they turn the lights out. A blanket ban is too extreme.