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nintendo stockholders enjoying a renaissance
Where Were You During the Greatest Console War?
nintendo stockholders enjoying a renaissanceNintendo is in the midst of a renaissance. They’ve found their mojo again. They’ve tapped into the very essence of gaming — fun, family and future. Not only are they changing the video game world again, they may very well kick off another multi-decade long console war. This should come as exciting news for Nintendo stockholders.
A Most Unusual Boom
investment opportunities and market boomsThere’s a pecking order when it comes to investing. A hierarchy of opportunity. It’s a pyramid of power, carved out in the stone of regulation. The system is set up so that you aren’t allowed to invest in the early stages of the biggest opportunities. You have to be a sophisticated investor. That is a person rich enough to get a chance to make gains. Until now.
The Good and Bad From Facebook’s Crypto Advertising Ban
crypto advertising ban on facebook and googleGoogle and Facebook have decided to crack down on advertisements that have anything to do with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Facebook have banned them entirely. One minute you’re running an effective advertising campaign to help educate people about this world-changing opportunity. Then next minute they turn the lights out. A blanket ban is too extreme.
A Challenge to The Crypto Throne
ethereum price riseDuring the recent crypto-frenzy, ethereum reached a peak of US$1,420 per token. The current price represents a 14.8% retrace from the high, compared to bitcoin’s 42.1% retrace. Traders are beginning to look at ethereum as the next leader in the cryptocurrency world.
The Downside of Leverage
leverage in the marketsThe risk is that that all this printing of money leads to inflation. I think that’s what the bond market is reacting to now. However, over the past two years there has been no volatility at all. The highly leveraged global economy has been good for global stocks.
Imagine a Crypto Future
crypto futureWhether the future will look like this or be entirely different is impossible to know. But imagine. In the crypto future, you would be free to use any currency you like. And a receiver would be free to instantly and freely convert it into any currency they like. There would be no monopoly power here. The possibilities are truly endless.