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pullback in the market
When the Pullback Happens, Don’t Panic
pullback in the marketWe’re at the stage of the cycle where everyone is getting nervous. Markets have been on a tear for a long time now. In fact, it’s the second longest bull market in history. It’s easy to conclude that irrational exuberance has taken hold. And a huge crash is around the corner. So I mulled over the big indexes looking for signs of what the big investment money was really doing.
Why the BOE Will Take Over the World
blockchain technologyThe Bank of England (BoE) is responsible for monetary policy in the UK. They decide whether to move interest rates within the British economy. They do this to achieve a ‘stable’ rate of inflation. However, you need to ask - Is the current structure of government and central banks working? The future of financial and economic systems is with the new BOE. Except this isn’t the BOE as above...
The App Economy Boom
Snapchat applicationIn finance and retail industries, the convenience and immediacy of apps have rendered traditional person-to-person services less relevant for consumers. Apps aren’t just a part of business now. They are the business.
This Famous Investor Just Explained Why You Must Hold Bitcoin
bitcoinAs a child you are taught things are right or wrong. Black or white. But in the social sciences this is usually wrong. Scientific precision in such a complex field of moving parts it’s impossible to achieve. And it is in this field where you, as an investor, live. Which brings me to Nassim Taleb’s view on bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.
Bulls Keep Charging in US Market
US market continues to chargeOvernight, the main US indices all traded higher. No one really knows why. But stocks are going up, and people just want to buy them before they go up even more. It certainly feels like a crowd mentality on Wall Street right now. The bulls are clearly in control.
Oil is The Investment Story of 2018
oil prices surgeThe sad fact is that when an investment opportunity is unloved, un-hyped and generally off the mainstream radar, no one wants to know. But the reality is that it’s unloved sectors where you can frequently make the biggest returns. Oil could be the story of 2018.
The Stocks to Own for a Correction
stocks to buy now?During a correction, sentiment changes. Money flows out of what’s hot and looks for ‘relative value’. This is why previously unloved stocks tend to perform better in a correction. So having a few of these type of stocks in your portfolio wouldn’t be such a bad thing right now...