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  • We Need Tax Cuts. Just Not These Ones…

    The Morrison government is trying like hell to win over voters. It’s why they also gave tax breaks of $1,080 a year to low and middle-income earners. The government is also kindly chipping to keep the lights on, handing out a onetime amount of $75 and $125.

    The Paper Threat: Huawei

    You’ve probably heard a lot about the ‘Ban Huawei’ movement Trump is pushing. It was enough to get us Aussies on board. New Zealand is toeing the line. But countries in Europe are less obliging.

    No One Ever Got Fired for Following the Herd…

    ‘Everyone else was doing it at the time. I thought it was a good idea too.’ The phrase has turned into exactly that: an excuse for a herd mentality. The latest followers are the UK government. They’ve seen Trump’s tariffs.

    A Fat Pitch Courtesy of the Government

    The NBN project is a failure. I think it’s pretty clear what needs to happen. It’s up to the private sector to fix the problem. And this, dear reader, is your service investment opportunity.
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