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Politicians, Gangsters, and CEOs

Although, hopefully, they’re choosing CEOs and board members who are right for that stage of a company’s lifecycle.

Laissez-Faire Monetary Policy Is Here to Stay

It was sound advice, as the monetary turmoil of some two decades later demonstrated. Losing control over inflation is politically and economically damaging

Mars versus Earth: Which Side Are You on?

Mars is a hostile terrain, even more so than Australia was for the First Fleet. Growing food in that atmosphere is going to be tough.

What if We’re Already in the Metaverse?

Not to be deterred, ECB President Christine Lagarde is now calling it a ‘hump’ — whatever that means.

More Supply Chain Crunches and More Potential for Disruption

As you can imagine, that makes it a pretty important product in global food supply chains. Something that is now at risk of leading to rising costs.

Will the Government’s Payment Overhaul Turn Us into Pioneers or Pariahs?

Fortunately, with the little insight we have, it doesn't look like that is the case right now. Here is the current list of proposed recommendations and the government responses, summarised by the AFR: