• History
  • The Real Story behind the Founding of Canberra

    Barton and the politicians of the day knew what they were doing. Collect the land rent and land ceases to have a price altogether. There is no land price to speculate in — and the rent from the land could be used to build the city.

    Why Higher Taxes Help No One

    In 1799, the UK first proposed a temporary income tax. And to most people it seemed reasonable. There was a war going on. The government needed money to buy weapons and mobilise troops. It wasn’t seen as a big ask for a 1–3% tax.

    A Victory for the ‘Virtue Signallers’

    Despite Australia having huge growth in renewable energy sources in recent years, and research from Australian National University saying we are on track to meet the Paris Agreement targets, we still need to ‘do more’.

    More Melbournians Means More Melbournes?

    Melbourne is the fourth fastest gown city in the developed world. In roughly 10 years, Melbourne could become Australia’s largest city. With the population growing at a fast pace, infrastructure is needed.
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