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Renter or Rentier: the Choice is Yours

The choice is yours: renter, or rentier. But there’s much, much more to be gleaned from a study of the economic rent...

Individualism Versus Collectivism

“What I am referring to is the rise of what might be termed individualism over collectivism. This is the idea that our world view has shifted from the need to play a minor part in a bigger society to

Australia and its Population Control

The social engineers are in full flight. Now Australia has a Population Minister. We prefer to label it the “Population Sinister”, or even the “Population Tsar.” Of course, this isn’t the first time politicians have tried to manipulate the make-up…

An Australian Equivalent of National Savings & Investments

It’s Christmas Eve and I hadn’t planned to write you a note today, but there was a news item from yesterday that I just couldn’t ignore. I’ll keep it brief though as there’s still a bunch of last minute Christmas…