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Focus on the Future, Not the Fed

In today’s Money Morning…FOMC minutes…don’t worry about the Fed…opportunities everywhere you look…the most-exciting Aussie companies…and more…

In a World of Unpredictability, Bet on the Predictably Unpredictable

Well, as the title of today’s essay suggests, when the outlook becomes totally unpredictable, you can at least count on the predictable unpredictability of small-caps to deliver some sort of consistency...

Why We Changed the Name of Our Business — Financial Fascism

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Rigged! How to Invest in the Lockdown Economy

‘Freeman points out that about 40 per cent of profits of companies on the ASX are generated offshore, insulating them from the worst of the lockdowns.’

DroneShield Share Price Up on Record Quarterly Results (ASX:DRO)

The DroneShield [ASX:DRO] share price rose today after the company posted record quarterly customer receipts of $7.4 million in 2Q21.

Banks or Government — Who Do You Trust Least?

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