Australian Housing
Australian Housing
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Safer Than Houses?
australian housing with bitcoinFor years, there’s been no more reliable investment class in Australia than residential property in our major cities. But increasingly, it looks like 2017 could be the year that changes.
When Housing Falls, Australia May Fall With It
australian property crisisEven if you’ve taken your profits out of property and invested them elsewhere, you still can’t afford to ignore this issue. With so many Australians holding mortgages, and the big four banks making up such a large part of our economy, any shock that starts in housing could spread across the entire country.
The Dangers of ‘Tax-Led’ Investing
investing incentives for tax breaksAs a former financial planner, some of the greatest value I could add to my clients’ portfolios was by reducing their tax liabilities. Both current taxes and future ones. But there’s a difference between a good tax strategy, and investing because of a tax benefit.