Global Real Estate

The global property market is worth watching — if only to show you what could happen here in Australia.

Whether it’s China, the US, or the United Kingdom, the global real estate market sends waves which have a significant effect on our Australian shores. These waves either bring us a tide of investors, or tempt us to follow the tide back across international waters.

Property chain reactions

Our golden soil has slipped down the global cost of living ladder, which means we’re looking quite appealing to international investors. So, having Aussie land that can be subdivided, leased or outright purchased by these hungry international buyers, can mean big dollars for us in return.

It’s all about satisfying the biggest appetites. And right now, with lowering wages in Australia, we don’t have the big appetites. That’s why it’s good to know who’s waiting for a table…and who’s willing to pay the most for a seat.

On the other hand, our lower cost of living ranking also means other cities around the world are seeing a rise in their property prices. So it’s always worth staying in-the-know with global real estate, to make sure perfect investment opportunities don’t pass us by.

A looming boom

Recent findings from the global agency CityYield can see potential for big returns in cities across Asia and Europe as well.

If we make smart decisions at the right times, us Aussies have the potential to seriously capitalise on ideal property-buying conditions across the globe.

Also, the economic calls made by leaders like Donald Trump and Xi Jinping can have a major impact for Australian real estate investors. So, it’s important to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to the global currents.

Most importantly, with cross-country development agreements and a rising demand for young families to find a place to live, all signs are pointing to a global real estate boom. It looks like it’s time to jump in.

But it’s easy to lose your footing in the property minefield, with areas that may not ever make a return on their investment.

Stay Informed

These articles cover global real estate from markets around the world — including everything from struggling housing markets…to property-moving market moves…to off-the-radar residential and commercial investment opportunities you won’t have heard about.

This page is your one-stop shop for all the news on global real estate. Updated daily, you’ll always be kept in the loop.

Have a browse of the articles below.

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