Can Tron CEO Sell Warren Buffett on Crypto and Bitcoin?

The integration of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency has been far from smooth sailing .But it’s something Mr Sun believes is achievable: ‘...we want to show him the recent progress of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. It’s not only about Tron itself, it’s about crypto and blockchain, the whole industry.’

How I’d Sell Warren Buffett on Crypto

Warren is not a man of change. He likes strong businesses, with powerful cash-generating abilities and an immunity to competition. Trying to sell Warren on new groundbreaking technology, with change right around the corner, probably won’t work.

Is Warren Buffett a Market Barometer?

For Warren Buffett, selling is usually something he doesn’t think about. The longer he stays invested will add exponentially to his total gain. It’s a very simple yet powerful idea. So anytime Buffett sells something, it makes headlines.

My Wife and Warren Buffett

When a business buys another business at the top of a market cycle, it runs a big risk of overpaying. That’s the fate that could face Berkshire Hathaway and Warren Buffett. Buffett is paying double the price that Heinz traded at during the slump in 2009.
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