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Stock Market
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Three Sectors That Could Boom in 2018
sectors set to boom in 2018With the Trump tax cuts likely to prop up confidence and the US economy, I think you should have at least a part of your portfolio in some speculative sectors. If the good times are going to continue to roll, you want to make sure you’re making hay while the sun still shines.
The War on Cash Just Went Nuclear
cashIn this article Ryan explains why the notes in your pocket will be as foreign to your kids as farthings, crowns and half pennies are to you and I. The forces of power have decided they need more control. But this secret ploy has been thwarted by a plucky group of misfits, cypherpunks and cryptographers. And they look to be winning…
Trump Gets His Tax Cuts — Now What?
tax cuts in the USDonald Trump’s long promised tax cuts finally passed. By reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 21%, Trump hopes to encourage US firms to repatriate capital and invest it at home. Tax cuts appease the right wing. Increased jobs and wages appease the working class. Everyone wins, right?