Stock Market
Stock Market
turtle trading investing rules
The Turtle Trader Path to Fortune
turtle trading investing rulesYou don’t need to be a highly paid, highly connected individual to make money in the stock market. I’m of the opinion that being a small fish in this large pond is actually an advantage. It helps you invest in the places the big fish can’t.
How to Beat the Machines
machines taking over labourI’m sure you know the old saying, if you can’t beat them join them. This could be the best strategy for you and I. By investing in companies that are part of this technological advance, you essentially hedge your life against its consequences.
The Telco Sector is a Disaster
telco industry in australia currently a disasterI thought there might be some buying opportunities in the sector by now. But the ‘short term’ is playing out for a little longer than I expected. One of my rules is not to buy into a downtrend, no matter how compelling the opportunity.
On the Origin of Baguettes
aussie marketApparently, when the French metro was being built in the late 19th century, The builders asked the local bakers to make a thinner, longer loaf that the men could break with their hands, allowing them to leave their knives at home. Et voila, the baguette came into being!
A Bitcoin ETF Will Be a Game Changer
bitcoin exchange traded fundImagine if bitcoin and other cryptos became a whole lot easier to trade. With such hype and interest, you’d think the price of cryptos on the whole would rise, right? Well, a future where you could buy a crypto exchange traded fund (ETF) might not be that far off.