Stock Market
Stock Market
Platinum sare price rise, stock market, investors, bond
Bond Yield Breakout
Platinum sare price rise, stock market, investors, bondHere’s a general gist of the headlines over the past week or two… Global capital is flowing out of emerging markets. Bond prices in this sector are falling (meaning yields are rising) along with currencies and equity markets. Argentina has had to jack interest rates up to 40% to protect its currency, and then they still had to bring in the IMF for a bailout package.
Markets and Morality
trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsCan President Trump flout the law with the flourish of a Twitter finger? Legally, the President shouldn’t be able to do a thing. Who knows though, he appears to do whatever he wants, with little regard for the consequences. At least China’s President Xi is an out-and-out dictator.
How Two Punters Made US$16 Million
How Two Punters Made US MillionThe Aussie market is ever so close to creeping back above its high this year. In early February, you saw markets all over the world slip thanks to spiking bond yield. Since, we’ve seen escalating privacy concerns, a trade spat and central bankers change their sentiment. It’s all aided volatility.