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Something Strange Is Happening to My Watchlist

In today’s Money Morning…‘smart money’ is more afraid than retail investors…because small-caps are disruptive, geopolitics matter less…get your own analyst bonus bounty by doing the hard yards...or this…and more…

This Chart Says ‘Buy’, but Do You Trust It?

In today’s Money Morning…the more important question…the last fair market?...back to ‘risk-on’…and more… The subject of trust came up in a recent editor’s call here at work.

Bubs Australia Share Price Plummets 7% on $75 Million Loss (ASX:BUB)

The Bubs Australia [ASX:BUB] share price is sinking after the company posted its full-year results. At time of writing, the infant formula company’s share price is down 7% to 39 cents.

Sezzle Share Price on Watch after Half-Year Results (ASX:SZL)

The Sezzle (ASX:SZL) share price action is lukewarm today after the BNPL stock announced its half-year results. SZL share price is currently exchanging hands at $6.43 a share, up fractionally at 0.16%...

Kogan Share Price Sinks as FY21 Net Profit Drops 87% (ASX:KGN)

The steep drop in net profit precipitated a sell-off, with [ASX:KGN] share price currently down 14%. Kogan stock was exchanging hands for $11.30 a share...

The Case for Small-Caps — The Hunt for Valuable Investment Ideas

It’s only in the fullness of time that you can stand back and assess whether someone’s investment ideas are worth listening to. And even then, no one gets everything right.