Share Trading
Share Trading
Tesla stock price
Is Tesla About to Fall at the First Hurdle?
Tesla stock priceTesla is the most over-hyped stock in the world today. And convincing us even more that we’re not wrong on Telsa was their latest inability to hit their production targets. They are a good company with a good product. But the market is pricing in hype and hope, not actual results.
When It Comes to Investment, You’re Only Human
investment opportunitiesEvery investment you make is just the testing of an idea or opinion. They’re not all going to be right. So don’t invest so much emotional energy into believing that you’re right. My solution to this is a simple one. It’s a process that provides checks and balances to my investment opinions.

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News Goes With the Trend
Stock market trendsThe market will forecast for you the good and bad news to come, once you know how to read a chart. Many analysts, financial pundits and even fund managers who handle billions of dollars, do not understand this.