Share Trading
Share Trading
algorithmic trading is a successful method to making big profits, traders
This One Principle Could Change Your Life
Sheffield Resources share price, Pareto PrincipleThe Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) says the top 20% of households have a median net wealth of $1,285,600, while the median for the next 80% is $378,600 — a ratio of 68:32. The top 20% has its own hierarchy. At the apex is the ultra-wealthy 0.4%, with a net wealth of more than $10 million.
Facebook Share Price Grows Amidst Data Sharing Drama
Facebook share priceAfter Facebook’s recent controversies with privacy and data harvesting and founder Mark Zuckerberg facing questioning by the US Congress, Facebook [NYSE:FB] has been in hardship. However, the huge social media platform has managed to come out the other end, as its shares have risen since the drama. Today its shares grew by 2.09%.
What to Watch to Confirm a Bear Market
Bear marketWe’ve been preparing for life in a bear market for some time. By this I mean giving ourselves every chance of making some money while also recognising the downside risks of a market potentially transitioning from bull to bear. How is this transition looking now?