Small-Cap Stocks
Small-Cap Stocks
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How to Beat the Market by 749%…
Australian small-cap stocks, trade, blue chip stocksLet’s look at the large blue chips. These are usually companies with a market cap of $10 billion and over. Some typical blue chips are BHP Billiton Limited [ASX:BHP] and Commonwealth Bank of Australia [ASX:CBA]. BHP has a market cap of $156 billion and CBA has a market cap of $139 billion.
Tap These ‘Goldmines’ for a Potential 1,000% Gain
APN share price risesBig institutional investors, for example, usually don’t venture into the small end of town mainly because of their size. Many of these money managers have hundreds of millions to put to work — they simply can’t invest in smaller stocks. That’s why I’d argue small-cap investing is perfect for individual investors, like you.
Why You Should Look for Stocks with a Moat
stocks: investing in moat stocks to generate superior returnsIf the market does scream lower, there’s a chance for you to pick up multiple ‘castle’ stocks protected by deep wide moats at bargain prices. These are the kinds of companies (businesses with moats) that you should be looking to buy if our market drops lower this year.
These Fund Managers Want to Be Like You
stock pickingFor a long time, Warren Buffett specialised in dumpster diving. He would buy small- and microcap stocks that traded at heavy discounts. Then, as a catalyst caused the share price to spike, he sold out for huge gains in a relatively short time. Now it seems droves of fund managers are trying to do the same thing. Let me explain how this will create opportunities for individual investors like you…