Stocks and Bonds
Stocks and Bonds
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How Does a Learning Machine Pick Stocks?
stocks and EquBot AI investingIt’s far easier to buy ‘the market’ and just sit on the couch watching Netflix waiting for retirement. But what if you had a learning machine pick the stocks for you, literally? Well you can. It’s called the EquBot, and it could teach us something about stock picking. The bot is an artificial intelligent system, designed to pick stocks.
Is This Bull Run Over?
Emerging MarketsAussie stocks bounced back strongly yesterday, and are set to open flat today, in a sign that the concern over a trade war is overdone. Perhaps Trump’s team have done their homework. Perhaps they now see that a ‘spend as much as you want’ policy in government doesn’t quite gel with ‘let’s reduce our trade deficit’.
Why Auscann Share Price Shot Up 9.28%
Auscann share price riseThe cannabis story is only just beginning to unfold. And it’s unfolding well for Auscann Group Holdings which is up 9.28% at time of writing today. It currently sits at $1.59, after reaching a high of $1.66 earlier this morning.
Tech Companies Aren’t Immune to ‘Deworsification’
tech conglomeratesInvestors today seem to be prizing huge tech conglomerates over anything else. All conglomerates aren’t bad investments. Growth via acquisition is a common method. If these are acquisitions just for the sake of having acquisitions, then it should raise some red flags. Could the same happen now to the world’s largest tech companies?
Sailing into the Coming Market Storm
market storm comingRight now, stock investors are looking at some black nimbus clouds forming on the horizon. Some have already started reefing (selling out) to reduce the impact of wind (volatility). But let me explain why you should sail straight into the storm, and use your biggest advantage.