Stocks and Bonds
Stocks and Bonds
Stocks sell off, valuation
Get Ready to Profit from Higher Rates and a Tech Sell-Off
Stocks sell off, valuationWhat’s far more important is how investors reacted to the Fed’s outlook and their decision to increase interest rates. After the rate hike decision, US bond yields spiked, almost clearing 3%. But even before bond yields reach that 4% market, there’s one group of stocks that could fall regardless. Some believe 2018 could be the tipping point for big US tech.
Has this Scandal Made Facebook Worth Buying?
facebook data breach scandalThis scandal has seen billions wiped off of Facebook’s value. But I’ll bet most sellers today are simply looking a few quarters into the future. The data leak might cause more users to stop using Facebook. As a result, user engagement could also fall, making it less attractive to advertise on Facebook. But if you were to take the long-term view, Facebook’s shares might be worth buying.
Don’t Follow the Easy Money
investing and why you shouldn't follow the easy moneyIf there’s a growing industry with profits abound, hundreds of companies look to pile in. Just one slip-up might give competitors an edge to take a share of the market. That’s why most profitable companies see returns fade over time. Profits are competed away. The same is true for investors. They follow returns. Whether you invest passively or actively, following just one rule can keep you out of a world of trouble.
How Does a Learning Machine Pick Stocks?
stocks and EquBot AI investingIt’s far easier to buy ‘the market’ and just sit on the couch watching Netflix waiting for retirement. But what if you had a learning machine pick the stocks for you, literally? Well you can. It’s called the EquBot, and it could teach us something about stock picking. The bot is an artificial intelligent system, designed to pick stocks.
Is This Bull Run Over?
Emerging MarketsAussie stocks bounced back strongly yesterday, and are set to open flat today, in a sign that the concern over a trade war is overdone. Perhaps Trump’s team have done their homework. Perhaps they now see that a ‘spend as much as you want’ policy in government doesn’t quite gel with ‘let’s reduce our trade deficit’.