Stocks and Bonds
Stocks and Bonds
Aconex share price rise
stock marketWhen thinking about your longer-term strategy, the first question you should ask is, are we in a bull or bear market? At the start of the year, I was pretty confident we were in an ongoing bull market. Now I’m not so sure.
Why Gold Might Be about to Surge
gold set to surge higherGiven the headwinds facing gold, it’s held up surprisingly well. The bitcoin phenomenon, bullish equity markets, a strong economy and rising interest rates are all traditionally negative for gold. Gold has had a pretty good year, considering. It’s trending higher and I think there is a good chance of it taking another leg up sooner rather than later.
Emerging Value in the Retail Sector
retail stocksWhile it might be too early to jump in and thumb your nose at the Amazon effect. Keep an eye out for turning points like the above. That is, when you see buying on negative news. It means the news wasn’t as bad as expected. Often this is a turning point.