World Markets
World Markets
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End of the Cycle
global economy in danger zone?I’m working on the assumption that the US economy will peak in 2018. In fact, the market may well have peaked in January 2018. What evidence do I have for that?
Reality Bites
falling graph of stock market ampInvestors have retreated from European stocks after seeing political upheaval in Italy. The euro is once again facing an existential threat. What does this mean for world markets?
I Say Bollocks to That
retail food group share price drop, businessesThe RBA reckons China’s debt is now around 260% of GDP. If the US and European economies slow into the second half of 2018 and into 2019, then China will feel the effect. How will this impact Australia?
The Tipping Point
Investing in stocksThe US dollar rally has barely paused for breath since getting underway in February. Late last week, it took its toll on commodities. Oil fell nearly 3%. Iron ore fell 3.7%, while aluminium declined 0.7%. What will happen next?
Markets and Morality
trade war possibility diminishing between US and China, contest, marketsCan President Trump flout the law with the flourish of a Twitter finger? Legally, the President shouldn’t be able to do a thing. Who knows though, he appears to do whatever he wants, with little regard for the consequences. At least China’s President Xi is an out-and-out dictator.