Westpac Share Price Down on Half-Year Results Release

The latest news out of the company is its half-year results release, as well as the details of its upcoming dividend. The Westpac share price had recovered to mid-November levels over the past two weeks, but has been on a losing streak in the last three sessions.

Investors Should Look Out for This

It’s very hard coming up with great ideas at will. Finding and understanding a good business is one thing. Then you have to find out whether the stock is worth the price it trades for.

How More Tariffs Could Be Good for You

I’m hopeful for more tariffs to come… If you remember in yesterday’s Money Morning, I wrote that taxes — whether that’s income or tariffs — are terrible. So why am I hopeful for more?

Why Amazon is an Investor’s Dream

Were online books so profitable that they were able to fund the conglomerate that is now Amazon? Not really. But it was a platform on which Jeff Bezos built his vision. Making everything convenient and cheaper for customers.
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