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Technology and Innovation
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Easy Money in Bitcoin Futures?
bitcoin futuresTraders in the bitcoin futures market feel like they’re at a free all you can eat buffet. According to Bloomberg: ‘Cboe (Chicago Board Options Exchange) Global Markets Inc.’s new contracts were priced as much as 13 percent higher than bitcoin itself since trading began Sunday night.’
Could Bitcoin Futures Crash the Price?
bitcoin futuresThe introduction of bitcoin futures could go either way. In the short term, it could drive the price even higher as speculators go for leveraged gains. But longer term (which in bitcoin world means a few weeks…or maybe even days) the impact could be negative.
What’s Really Happening With Crypto
cryptocurrency marketI’m sure you’ve seen them around in the financial commentary. The references to ‘tulip crazes’. The ‘bitcoin is a bubble’ charts. You see, they’re comparing apples with oranges. Blinded by their internal biases, they’re not seeing what’s really happening.
Riding a Tsunami of Mainstream Money
cryptocurrency bitcoinThe mainstream is well and truly coming for bitcoin. As of 10 December, the Chicago-based Cboe Futures Exchange will become the first US exchange to list bitcoin futures. The shock announcement came this week. Cboe won't have the spotlight to themselves for long, though.
Are We Witnessing an Aussie Crypto Boom?
crypto with aussie flagAustralia was a bit of a slow starter with crypto. Now the Aussie government is trying to find ways to encourage ICOs. This is an opportunity. One which, handled right, could see tremendous growth for Australia. This openness means pioneering Aussie based crypto projects can launch hugely successful ICOs.
ASX Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon
blockchain technology‘The ASX will move its equity markets settlement and clearing system onto blockchain-inspired technology'. So there you have it. Blockchain technology is real. It’s not a mirage. It’s not a fad, as so many have suggested. It’s simply a better technology, which is going to replace the old ways of doing things.