Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
Robots and the future of automation
Doomsayers, Robots and the End of Humanity
Robots and the future of automationAccording to new research by the IMF, the robots really are coming for our jobs. And when they do, the world is doomed to economic collapse. Reports like this IMF article are actually a great reminder that more needs to be done. But, wallowing in misery at the fact that our future is hopeless is too defeatist for my liking.
What Comes Next?
the future of technologyI’m often amazed at the kinds of tech being developed every day. When you stop to really look at the world, it’s full of wizardry. So where is the next revolution coming from? Who or what will have the next iPhone moment or World Wide Web moment or bitcoin moment?
The Biggest Catalyst on the Horizon
investment strategy for selling stocks, catalystIn the last five years, the All Ordinaries (largest 500 Aussie stocks) is up. But it’s nothing to write home about. Those that have ‘bought the index’ are up around 25%, before fees. Over a five-year stretch, that’s about 4.6% each year. It leaves a lot to be desired.
So Many Opportunities He’s Opening Up Another US$100 Billion Fund
tech smartphone, fund, tech stocksJack Ma, a young start-up founder, walked into the office of Japanese telecom, SoftBank, in the late 1990s. He wasn’t there to strike a mobile deal for his employees. He was there to find an investor. He had heard the founder of SoftBank, Masayoshi Son, was interested. With millions in cash left over from his telco business each year, Son spent a lot of his time looking for potential investments.