Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
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Why I’m Going to Live on Bitcoin
We accept bitcoinWhen it all goes wrong, it’s not the already-wealthy who really suffer. It’s the average person on the street. And it’s that average person on the street that bitcoin and cryptocurrency can help to avoid financial disaster when the existing system fails them eventually again.
China Steps Up Its Cryptocurrency Ban
china bitcoin banAnalysts are now pessimistic for bitcoin’s future in China. The Chinese government’s views on digital tokens has escalated quickly. They want to ensure financial stability within their market, and they see cryptocurrencies as a market distributor.
What Lies Ahead for Apple?
apple companyThere are some big rumours out there. The biggest one is a potential ramping up of Apple's video streaming unit. Apple are reportedly planning on spending $1 billion to launch their own original content service in 2018.
Looking Beyond Bitcoin’s Price
bitcoin priceBitcoin should always be discussed first and foremost as a currency. The end-game isn’t seeing one bitcoin worth half a million dollars. The goal is to make those half a million dollars seem as alien to the everyday consumer as one bitcoin is today.
Why Crypto Prices Bounced Back
crypto pricesThe crucial thing for new investors to understand is that the technological development enabled by this breakthrough technology plods on regardless of the price volatility. And some exciting breakthroughs happened just last week...