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How to Invest in the Pioneers of Today
investment opportunities, habitsEven today most people still can’t get access to most ‘traditional’ investment opportunities. What if you had a way to invest in the next wave of great pioneers? The world-changing projects and opportunities. And to invest in them before everyone else. Sometimes even before the elites and uber-wealthy...
Crypto: Mainstream or Not?
crypto mainstream or fringe idea?I wondered, is crypto really mainstream? Or is it still just a fringe idea, an edge of the bell curve concept that most people still have no real idea about? My conclusion is that most of the mainstream say they’re in crypto, but the reality is they’re really not.
How to Run the Perfect ICO — Part Two
How to Run the Perfect ICO — Part TwoTo run an ICO properly requires far more than a 1,200 word article. The good ones take months, sometimes years to prepare properly. The bad ones take weeks. And when you’re dealing with a whole new kind of market, hype, fear of missing out (FOMO), and speculators, there are going to be issues. As a potential ICO investor, this guide could help you find the projects with a chance to succeed.
How to Run the Perfect ICO — Part One
ICOThe world of ICOs and crypto projects is rife with fraudsters like these. And the sad thing is that these scams overshadow all the projects that have real teams, real operations and real potential behind them. But having seen enough, knowing what works and what doesn’t, I’m going to explain exactly what makes for a great ICO.
What Happens When the Crypto Runs Out?
crypto falling, where to buy cryptocurrencyIn 2017 the ability to raise money through an ICO was incredible. You could easily pull in tens of millions worth of fiat money and crypto contributions in a matter of minutes. Inevitably, this left a whole heap of new crypto projects with huge wads of cash. But there was one huge problem.
This Is the Only Way to Mass Crypto Adoption
crypto retail outlets are the future, where to buy cryptocurrencyThis is the pathway to mainstream crypto adoption. Making crypto easy, accessible, fun and educating people about it is no easy task. We think that soon you’ll start to see physical locations — shop fronts — open up to give the main street people an ‘on ramp’ to crypto.