Investing in 2018
Will Santa Crypto Visit You This Year?
crypto santaRome wasn’t built in seven months of 2017. It takes longer. Years. Bitcoin has only been around for almost nine years. It’s like a single celled organism in the evolution of man chart. Have some perspective. Don’t get sucked into the mainstream hype and mania. Crypto has actually been around a while; it didn’t just appear in 2017.
Like Santa, The Legend of Cryptos May Become True After The Fact
cryptos being mined by Santa clausThe legend of Coca Cola creating Santa is wrong. But in some way, it’s also right. You see, once they’d assumed the brand, they took control of Santa’s future image. They didn’t create it from scratch, but they did mould it over time. The legend became true after the fact. The legend of cryptos may become true after the fact, too.
How Cryptocurrencies Will Reduce Murder Rates
cryptocurrenciesIf socials divisions and crime are a result of social inequality, surely it makes sense to tackle this? The scales of wealth need rebalancing. And you can’t rely on the elites to do it. They’re still in a ‘let them eat cake’ world. There’s only one viable option…