bitcoin price value
When Will Bitcoin Be Overvalued?
bitcoin price valueHow possible is it that bitcoin will become the next gold? It’s a long shot. Convincing conservative investors to put their money in something extremely volatile will be an extremely tough sell. So where does that leave bitcoin?
The Great Crypto Divide
bitcoin bust?I know that it usually takes losses — big losses — for people to realise the fickle nature of speculative investing. Does this mean I think you can’t make money from trading cryptos? No, of course not. You definitely can. In fact I think there are huge gains still on the table.
The Huge Twist the Bankers Didn’t See Coming
technology innovation worrying bankersI do acknowledge that cryptocurrencies make some people nervous. They change deeply embedded societal structures. They change the fabric of your daily life. The security of certainty. Cryptocurrencies are a move in the direction of freedom. If we are willing to pay the price.
Are You in the Crypto Fast Lane
cryptos fastlaneIn the past every article was dismissive of bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. ‘A fad, a scam, a money laundering exercise…’ Perhaps we’re starting to see the beginnings of a subtle change in the media’s reporting? Who knows? But I bet they still won’t be brave enough to tell you about the hidden cryptos making even bigger gains than bitcoin.
Welcome to the New World Order
cryptocurrenciesThe problem they’ve got is this. The rich can’t buy in to such a ‘small’ market without showing what they are doing this (which would push up prices out of their control). So instead they are trying to make ordinary people write it off, panic sell or fear cryptocurrencies. Or at least not compete with them to buy in. Its economics 101.