Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
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How to Take Advantage of the Kimchi Premium
kimchi premium bitcoinYou might know that there are various cryptocurrency exchanges all over the world. And depending on investors, prices can differ extremely. Investors in Singapore may value bitcoin higher, giving it a higher price than in the US. One place this has happened in is South Korea.
The Computers Are in Charge of Investment Decisions
investing and computer analysing the marketsComputers don’t worry about rationale. They just do what they’re programmed to do, which eventually exacerbates the prevailing trends. But don’t forget, humans program the computers. Human nature is behind all market cycles. It’s just that this cycle is being helped along by the desire to make gains based on unemotional computer generated decisions.
Investing Beyond the Blockchain Hype
blockchain technologyThe companies that will really benefit will probably not have the word ‘blockchain’ in their name. They will be companies that can strengthen their position by using the technology. Or by making themselves crucial contributors to the data value chain.
Never Seen Anything Like It
speculative investmentsIn the 1990s, speculators flocked to the biggest speculative opportunity they had seen in their lifetime — tech stocks. As it happens, right now, folks are calling the top of another great speculative market — cryptocurrencies. If some of my colleagues are to be believed, this is the biggest speculative boom, not just of our lifetime but of all lifetimes.