Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
australian housing with bitcoin
Safer Than Houses?
australian housing with bitcoinFor years, there’s been no more reliable investment class in Australia than residential property in our major cities. But increasingly, it looks like 2017 could be the year that changes.
We Need to Talk about Bitcoin
bitcoin and cryptocurrenciesThe good thing is the hype is true. The benefits of bitcoin are real, and that they will usher in a long-term financial revolution. If you can see the fundamental promise of what bitcoin is designed for and what it delivers, then you’ll see that price is somewhat irrelevant.
Every Marathon Starts With Learning How Not to Die
crypto fomoWhatever you want to be great at, you must learn, train, and have a strategy. And that applies to investing, whether it’s stocks, precious metals, fine arts and collectibles, or of course cryptos. What blows my mind is the intense application of ‘fear of missing out’ (FOMO) which is everywhere in the crypto world.
How to Beat the Machines
machines taking over labourI’m sure you know the old saying, if you can’t beat them join them. This could be the best strategy for you and I. By investing in companies that are part of this technological advance, you essentially hedge your life against its consequences.
The Telco Sector is a Disaster
telco industry in australia currently a disasterI thought there might be some buying opportunities in the sector by now. But the ‘short term’ is playing out for a little longer than I expected. One of my rules is not to buy into a downtrend, no matter how compelling the opportunity.
Buffett is the Bubble, Not Bitcoin
bitcoin knocking out the dollarWhat if instead it’s Buffett that’s the bubble. What do I mean here? Well, what if it’s ‘Buffett style’ capitalism that’s actually the real value trap for investors? And bitcoin is actually the essence of free markets?