Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
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Cutting the Banks Off at the Knees with Fintech
mobile banking

Not even 30 years have passed since the World Wide Web came onto the scene. And now, all of this money is kind of just floating around in space — on the internet, in the ‘cloud’, and now in invented currencies. But make no mistake, this is the way things are going. And its not slowing down. In fact, it’s just getting started…

90% Survival With One Simple Blood Test?
Benitec Biopharma Ltd Share Price

The Low Dose Computed Tomography lung cancer screen has a Sensitivity of 93%, but a Specificity of 73%. The Prostate Specific Antigen test has a Sensitivity of 21% and a Specificity of 91%. The Mammography breast cancer screen has a Sensitivity of 68% and a Specificity of 75%.

An End to Disease Thanks to the ‘Living Drug’?
Living Drug that could cure diseases

Rather than fighting the diseases, this technology super charges your own immune system. And with this treatment, Kaitlyn was able to kick cancer. Now, I’d like to draw your attention to the billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies falling over themselves to buy anything to do with this living drug.