Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
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Are We Witnessing an Aussie Crypto Boom?
crypto with aussie flagAustralia was a bit of a slow starter with crypto. Now the Aussie government is trying to find ways to encourage ICOs. This is an opportunity. One which, handled right, could see tremendous growth for Australia. This openness means pioneering Aussie based crypto projects can launch hugely successful ICOs.
ASX Jumps on the Blockchain Bandwagon
blockchain technology‘The ASX will move its equity markets settlement and clearing system onto blockchain-inspired technology'. So there you have it. Blockchain technology is real. It’s not a mirage. It’s not a fad, as so many have suggested. It’s simply a better technology, which is going to replace the old ways of doing things.
Why Bitcoin Will Hit $20,000 by Christmas
bitcoin market skyrocketingThe reason is that the Chicago Board Options Exchange is now offering options for bitcoin. That’s going to bring a whole heap of institutional money into the cryptocurrency space. It may also see the price of Bitcoin absolutely fly. We’re talking potentially billion in options trading on bitcoin. It will help large institutional investors manage their risk in holding actual bitcoins.
The Quest for Trading Truth
trading truthsTo trade successfully you just need to realise a simple truth. Something that describes simply and eloquently what is happening beneath the surface of your chosen market. Trading sounds hard to a lot of people. Here’s the truth though. Markets are actually not hard to understand.
A New Dot Com Bubble?
dot com bubbleLike the dot com boom, all sorts of innovative cryptocurrencies have sprung up, or are about to. Those that smugly declare cryptocurrencies will end up in a new dot com crash miss the point. But there are certainly lessons you can glean from the dot com era.