Technology and Innovation
Technology and Innovation
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Big Data for the Big Game
trade warm, dataToday sports tech is growing even beyond the game itself. Most players wear some kind of tracking device in their jersey on game day. That’s how we get all that rich data. But, the American NFL, National Basketball Association (NBA) and Major League Baseball (MLB) have taken it to a completely new level. Athletes in these sports now wear a WHOOP device.
The Future of Holidays
the future of technologyToday, technology is still changing what it means to take a holiday. Even in your lifetime holidays have changed significantly…Airbnb has disrupted the concept of hotels.
Plant Killers Face Extermination
plant pesticidesIt’s incredible to think that this issue of undesired plants has been a problem for over 23,000 years. We just simply can’t get rid of weeds for good it seems. But, while weeds may still be around, we’ve certainly gotten a lot better at managing them.