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A contrarian strategy for clean energy’s ‘banner year’

All the stars are aligning.

2021 is looking like it’s going to be a banner year for clean energy.

Take infrastructure alone…

Goldman Sachs just released a report predicting clean tech has the potential to drive $1–2 trillion per annum in green infrastructure investments and could hit $16 trillion by 2030.

That’s 15–20 million extra jobs worldwide….

Source: Goldman Sachs


That’s just one small part of the clean energy equation.

But that doesn’t mean every investment will be a sure-fire winner.

Far from it.

As you’ll see here, we firmly believe the very best returns in 2021 will go to investors who accurately predict what the ‘second-order effects’ are going to be.

Second-order effects are pretty simple to understand.

Every action has a consequence. And every consequence has another consequence.

Those latter consequences are called second-order effects.

Every change you make to a system has second-order effects.

The internet, for instance, was designed as a backup network for the US military in the event of an attack.

Its second-order effect was to open up a free information superhighway that changed the world.

Cars, too, were a great system-change. The first-order effect was getting people from A to B faster.

One second-order effect was the emergence of suburbs and city sprawl. Another was a proliferation in carbon. (One of the main drivers of the green boom we’re seeing all around us right now.)

As a result, you are witnessing another monumental system-change — away from fossil fuels.

An $11 trillion tsunami is about to pour into clean energy.

Pick the second-order effects of this — and the stocks poised to exploit them — and the potential profits are huge.

Giant green stocks conquered the market in 2020, easily outperforming the tech leaders like Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s around the flow-on effects that are coming…


Click here to see what I mean…



Ryan Dinse,
Editor, Money Morning

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