88-minute Doco Exposes Greatest Cover-up in Australian History

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Who REALLY Took Out Gough Whitlam?

A Port Phillip Publishing Special Investigation

I urge you, if you can, to make time tonight to watch our very first Special Investigation.

Put simply: It puts a name to what I believe is the single greatest threat to your wealth and liberty in 2017.

It’s not the coming superannuation reforms. Not Donald Trump. Not China. Not even the decisions central bankers make.

Seeing the system for what it REALLY is will be essential to your financial survival in the coming years…

88-minute Doco Exposes Greatest Cover-up in Australian History

At 88-minutes long, it will require a bit of your time. You don’t have to watch it all in one sitting. But I hope you DO watch it. Because, if you do, you will discover:

>> Why your trip to the polling booth in the 2016 federal election was pretty much a waste of time… And why there is little difference between the Liberal Party and Labor, despite what they claim in their campaigns…

>> Why everything that goes on in Canberra is a useless pantomime show…funded by YOU. That is why most people tune out, picking up the occasional soundbites that shape their world view…one that usually accords with how they see the world in the first place.

>> The true reason for Australia’s growing income disparity — why the top 20% of households get half the income…and the bottom 20% get just 4%. It’s NOT because the mining boom is over. As this investigation posits, it’s because of dozens of trade, tax and regulatory measures that were put in place to enrich a certain group of people…

>> Why those driving the global financial system to the next calamity have no intention of stopping…but are, instead, speeding up. Reason: These insiders have their parachute strategy in place. They have taken the necessary precautions to protect their wealth, while the masses (as usual) suffer the horrific financial consequences… 

>> Why the Big Four banks really occupy the top places in the All Ordinaries Index. And how the once honourable profession of banking has been reduced to an industry of ‘product floggers’…

>> The TRUE reason Australia’s bloated $3 trillion financial industry has grown so powerful, so quickly. Why the next credit crisis could see it contract by at least 30%…and how the industry could try to take YOU down with it…


>> How a cabal of powerbrokers you’ll learn about here CAUSED the GFC…and stage-managed its aftermath. But, also, why GFC2 will be TOO BIG for even them to control…

It’s a project that’s years in the making.

It could be the key to your financial survival between now and 2020.

And it starts with an intriguing — if slightly indirect question: ‘Who REALLY took out Gough Whitlam?’

Put your detective hat on and watch this.

If you sense the investment system is rigged against you… this could be the most important book you ever read…

You’re moments away from claiming your copy of Vern Gowdie’s explosive new exposé How Much Bull Can Investors Bear? Seeing Through the Australian Investment Industry’s Smoke and Mirrors.

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