FA 02: Australia’s Economy on the Brink Recession and Markets Go Up! WTF?


The Financial Anarchists meet for a second official shouting match — and Woody’s more than confused…

The Aussie economy’s in its worst state since 2008. Growth is going BACKWARDS. One more quarter of this and recession’s official…AND YET…stocks are at all-time highs!

What the hell is going on?

As ever, publishing overlord Kris comes to the rescue with a rant on debt, credit and why it’s all down to the Trump Effect.


Why GDP is a load of boring nonsense…

Why none of it matters when you’ve got revolutionary technology…

And why next week we’ll be in Berlin for a very special podcast with a very special guest.


The Australian Recession Survival Guide – https://goo.gl/lw950n

Vern Gowdie exposes the economic system’s debt addiction – https://goo.gl/dl2hHU

The best investment opportunities for 2017 – https://goo.gl/33nkzn


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