Financial Anarchists 03: Jim Rickards Explains the Global Elite’s ‘Ice-9’ Plan to Freeze The Entire Financial System


The Financial Anarchists Fly to Berlin to Learn the Elite’s Plan to Freeze The System and Your Money

In this special Berlin episode, special guests Jim Rickards and Shae Russell explain…

What is the “ice-9” molecule that freezes the entire financial system…

How Australia – specifically Brisbane – is at the heart of the ‘Ice-9’ plan…

Why the global elites are brazenly admitting how they’re going to take control of your money…

How the War on Cash is herding everyone into digital pens ready for the slaughter…

How you can protect your money from the ‘Ice-9’ asset freeze…

And More…

Shae, Woody, and Kris in Berlin Recording the Podcast

We’ll be back next year with more Financial Anarchists.

Special Offer: DO NOT RISK putting another dollar into your bank account until you read Jim Rickards’ brand new book!
On 15 November 2014, Australia’s Prime Minister, along with 20 of the most powerful world leaders, signed what Jim calls your ‘financial death warrant…a secret plan to FREEZE every dollar you own when the next financial crisis hits.’ In his new book — which we’ll send to any eligible Australian who responds ASAP — Jim reveals the globally coordinated ‘Ice-Nine Plan’…and countermeasures you can make right now to protect yourself…[more]

Jim Rogers, Jim Rickards, and More… The Great Repression Conference – Highlights Reel


What We Saw and Heard in Our Hotel Kris Sayce

The Crony’s Recipe for Building a Fortune – Bill Bonner

How To Protect Your Wealth From the Government’s ‘Ice-Nine’ Asset Freeze – Jim Rickards

Politicians Win the War on Cash Everywhere – Shae Russell

Financial Anarchists is a podcast for contrarian investors only. People who can think for themselves and are capable of questioning the mainstream, the government, us, and even our guests.

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