Financial Anarchists 04: Australia’s Housing Market Under Government Control


Happy New Year From The Financial Anarchists, Crappy New Year for Baby Boomers

In the first episode of 2017 Kris has a revelation on the Australian housing market.

Everyone knows the Government’s been happy to stimulate the housing bubble, but what if it’s actually IN THEIR INTEREST to finally trigger the bust?

Sounds weird. Ludicrous. Demented even!

Don’t be so sure.

Baby boomers…watch your heads!

Also covered:

The hidden landmine of passive investing…

Why wearing a bullet proof flak vest is just as dangerous as owning a gun (except if you’re a politician, of course)…

And a planned meeting with a former — and arguably the most influential — US Federal Reserve chairman’s in recent history.

All this to come, and more…

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One Response to “Financial Anarchists 04: Australia’s Housing Market Under Government Control”

  1. John

    Where’d you get your data about the size of Australia’s houses compared to the USA in 2009? Wouldn’t be nice if there was clear reference to statistically claims?


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