Financial Anarchists 11: Australia’s Demographic of Doom


A life-long anarchist joins Kris and Woody to talk about the Free Market Roadshow, the doom of condom-shaped demographics, flying trapeze and libertarians around the world (and, of course, Trump!) .

In this episode:

Former editor of Money for Life and The Daily Reckoning, Nick Hubble joins the boys in the studio.

The only thrill that can compare to investment markets…

Why the private sector is ALWAYS a better option than giving governments control

How your libertarian values look from the other side of the world.

What is the Demographic of Doom… and how long do we have before it hits…

Who will be your greater fool? Why Nick and his generation won’t want your inflated assets when you retire.

And much more…

Australia’s Population Pyramid

Population pyramid of Australia



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Daily Reckoning: Super… Who’s Going to Buy Your Shares When You Retire?

Money Morning: The Dangers of Economic Ignorance and Your Retirement

Nick Hubble: [Video] Australia’s Secret Sub-Prime Crisis

Free Market Road Show:


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